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The truth about feminine cleanser

Hello Ladies !!! Many have the wrong information when it comes to using a feminine intimate cleanser. Many believe that the feminine cleanser is used to cleanse the vagina when this is not true. Feminine cleansers are used to clean the vulva and not the vagina, because unlike the latter, the vulva is not self-cleaning.
The difference between the vulva and the vagina is that: the vagina is made up of this muscular channel inside the body; while the vulva is made up of the inner and outer lips, the clitoris, the perineum, in short all the external parts of the body.
To be more precise, feminine cleansers are for vulvovaginal care.
Good feminine cleansers such as Maliyaane cleansing foam are able to effectively clean the vulva and therefore contribute to the general good health of the vagina itself.
So now do not hesitate to add feminine cleaning products to your bathrooms and order your cleaning foam from Maliyaane now.
Take care of yourself, take care of your Yoni 🌹🌹🌹

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