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Vaginal Steaming

Yoni-steam is an age-old natural remedy to cleanse and heal the intimate area. Women all over the world have been using this method for generations because they are convinced of the powerful effects of a yoni-steam. The yoni-steam has many physical and emotional benefits. It is a fact that nature has a healing effect on your body and mind. Yoni-steam herbal blend is made from 100% natural and specially selected herbs with a powerful healing effect. Our medicinal formula is based on a tradition that has been used by women around the world for centuries.

This practice has the following benefits:

- Reduce complaints and discomfort around the intimate area - Reduce menstrual symptoms such as pain, fatigue, bloating and cramps - Decrease the intensity of bleeding - Regulate an irregular or absent menstrual cycle, - Eliminate old menstrual blood and help release the accumulation of blood, - Stimulate better blood circulation, - Promote faster healing of the vagina and uterus after pregnancy, cesarean section and childbirth - Cleanse the vagina and uterus after menstruation, pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion - Prevent infections such as bacterial vaginosis, cystitis and yeast infection, - Tighten the vagina - Reduce and eliminate excess secretion and neutralize unpleasant odors - Soothes and supports the healing of hemorrhoids, fibroids and endometriosis - Help with hormonal problems, - Soothes intestinal pain and uterine cramps - Soothe symptoms of menopause such as dryness or pain - Increases libido.

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