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Natural herbal tea for uterine fibroids and myoma treatment.


Maliyaane's Fibroid tea is formulated with natural herbs to help:

- Cleanse the female body, Clear the womb’s toxin and waste, diminish inflammation of the womb and help warm it,

- Naturally, shrink and dissolve the uterine and ovarian cysts and fibroids.

- Help to maintain a more normal and regulated menstrual cycle- Aid in cleaning and nourishing the female reproductive system- Help the body expel waste- Help the body to return to its natural healthy state- Diminish inflammation in the womb and warm it- Help with fertility

Every tea bag can be repeated brew 2-3 times until is diluted


Ginger rootsAshoka barkMullein leavesVitex berriesBerriesCramp bark rootGoldenseal leafDong Quai rootStevia leaf.

Fibroids Tea

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