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Many women suffer from hormonal imbalance that can affect the menstrual cycle and ovulation, resulting in unexplained infertility. To reverse these problems, simple solutions exist; Without surgery or chemicals, women can balance their hormones naturally with the help of natural plants and become more fertile. Maliyaane's Yoni Detox is a form of herbalism, using a special blend of dried herbs to create a recipe for improving the uterine health. The herbs used in the pearls, tea, and in the steam bath bag are natural elements that help balance hormones as well as a woman's reproductive health.




Women Fertility Kit

  • Ingredients

    1. Yoni Steam Herbs:
    Main ingredients:
    - Plantain leaves
    - Rosemary
    - Yarrow leaves
    - Calendula flowers
    - Red rose petals
    - Mugwort
    - Red raspberry
    - Motherwort

    2. Yoni Pearls Detox
    - Osthol, 
    - Stemona sessilifolia (Miq.)Miq, 
    - Kochiascoparia, Motherwort, 
    - Rhizoma smilacis glabrae, 
    - Angelica, 
    - Rhizoma chuianxiong 
    - borneol. 

    3. Fertility Tea
    - Longan, 
    - red dates, 
    - wolfberry, 
    - angelica, 
    - dried ginger, 
    - rose, 
    - peony flower.

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