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Hi Ladies,  welcome to Maliyaane Care.

My name is Carine K, and I am the Founder and CEO of Maliyaane Care. Maliyaane is an all-natural Yoni Wellness company.

First, let me tell you everything about the name Maliyaane, for you to understand why this company is dear to my heart.

Maliyaane is my youngest daughter nickname. Her birth changed the story of my life and my body. Before her birth, I suffered of a miscarriage which had some repercussion on my health, my mental health and my sexual life. I tried Yoni Detox and it changed my life.

These products improved my vaginal Flora for the better, gave me back confidence in myself and my intimacy that I couldn't keep this secret to myself, I had to share it with other women.

I created Maliyaane Care to help other women to solve their different vaginal issues using the power of herbs. I therefore invite you all to no longer feel frustrated in your intimate but rather to regain your confidence by enjoying and experimenting the benefits of natural plants in your health and your care.

And as I like to say: take care of you and take care of your yoni.

With love Carine.


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Carine K

Founder and CEO

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